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A flexible and highly musical trio

Take an orchestrally trained and very musical double bass player – Tomas Siroky, add a percussionist James Asher, who is also a producer and writer that has spent many years in the studio playing with other musicians on his own and other artists material, and finally add a very seasoned experienced guitarist with a sophisticated but characterful style – Bruce Knapp – very familiar with a number of genres including jazz, blues, folk, classical and rock, and you have the bones of the band ToonTones.

Loving to play a repertoire that chimes with familiarity like the Stumble or Bon a Rue. They also love to play jazz tunes like Pat Metheny’s James or the Filmnight theme – I wish I knew.

Bruce’s deep experience in blues and jazz sees him fully at home in both genres and on occasion making imaginative explorations with the added dimensions made possible by a loop pedal. At other times he show how jump blues can make a stylish strut.

James Asher brings the spicy rhythmic flavours akin to the world music grooves within which he feels so at home, and the fire and expressiveness of his style keep the band cooking in sparking fashion.

Tomas classical training on double bass shines through on occasion, and his sense of timing impeccable, as he moves in an d out of compelling grooves.

ToonTones Jazz Trio

can perform at a moderate sound level as an acoustic line-up. This would suit the likes of restaurants, nightclubs etc, where entertainment that is not too intrusive is preferable. Or if required can perfom as an all electric lineup, and get the party started.

ToonTones Jazz Quartet

This trio lineup can optionally be expanded to a quartet with the addition of the beguiling vocals of Ziza Stupkova. Gentle but persuasive, her engaging voice softens and draws in her public, and she can additionally accompany herself well with an electric guitar.

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